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Chrio engine oil provides a unique blend of engine lubrication and engine protection. Its anti-wear formula system forms a protective layer on contact surfaces to control wear and tear from constant use of mechanical parts. It provides consistent protection for all driving conditions and throughout the life of the oil. Its unique qualities will guarantee safety and reliability.


  • Viscosity: 10w-40
  • API: SN CK-4 GF-5
  • All Fleet (Gasoline & Diesel)
  • Compatibility: 2-wheels and 4-wheels
  • Tested On: All Vehicle Brands & Makes
  • Quantity: 1 Liter


  • Viscosity: 5w-40
  • API: SN CK-4 GF-5
  • All Fleet (Gasoline & Diesel)
  • Compatibility: 2-wheels and 4-wheels
  • Tested On: All Vehicle Brands & Makes
  • Quantity: 1 Liter

Frequently Asked Questions

Would This Be Compatible With Old Car Models?

Definitely! We have tested Chrio Engine Oil with vehicles made by most manufacturers and of different year models. All have reported an improvement compared to their previous oil brand.

How Can It Reduce Air Pollution And Improve Engine Performance?

Chrio Engine Oil has been mixed with a solution that helps improves combustion sealing and lubrication. As a result, there is less friction between moving parts which improves overall engine performance. Not only that, Chrio is tested to survive longer during the combustion process (oil lubricating the parts will be subjected to the heat from the continuous combustion) which means less unwanted smoke emissions.

Will There By Any Side Effects If My Vehicle Has Been Used To A Different Brand?

Of course not. In fact, the majority have experienced better engine performance within the first few weeks after they have switched from the popular brands.

When Should I Change My Engine Oil?

Simply follow your usual change oil interval. However, during the first engine oil interval, you might notice a blackening of the oil. This is due to the special mixture that helps clean the insides of your engine. You will notice by filtering the oil and noticing that the black components are not part of the oil but from previous deposits. After the first change oil from using Chrio, you will then notice that the golden color will be retained much longer than the usual.

Are You Sure I Can Use This With Either Gasoline or Diesel Engines?

Yes. Chrio Engine Oil is packed with a special formulation that lets it adapt to either gasoline or diesel engines.

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