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GeTSURGE Energy Stabilizer

LargeGeTSURGE Energy Stabilizer

This is an energy balancer/harmonizer designed for vehicles. This will be attached to the battery terminal (positive/negative) allowing all the electricity to flow through the GeTSURGE first before being distributed to the other parts of the vehicle.


1. Quicker Start

2. Eliminate Delayed Response during Pedal Acceleration

3. Better Brake Response

4. Better Combustion

5. Better Fuel Burn

6. Lesser Carbon Emissions


1. Up to 2x Battery Life

2. Less Fuel Consumption

3. Increased Lifespan of Light Bulbs

4. Increased Light from Bulbs

* Will never expire

* Can be detached and attached to other cars

* For use only on NOW12-treated engines.


getsurgeflow getsurgecurrentflow

HOW TO ORDER (outside Davao City)

1. First, contact any of the following to confirm stock availability and shipping quotation:

Landline: (082) 285 9012
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GLOBE: 0905-590-3678

2. Make a bank deposit to the following (for now, BPI is the only bank option):

Account Name: Godward Enterprises
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3. Confirm your payment to us by messaging us in the numbers above or in Facebook. Once we receive the payment, we will send you an electronic receipt through email and give you the tracking number from LBC Express of your paid items.

HOW TO ORDER FROM US (inside Davao City):

Our products can be bought from your local motorshops or autoshops (for now, only in shops located in Davao City). If not, you may visit our office and purchase there directly: