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Green Nano Technology Formula – Ultimate Engine Protection

Green Nano Technology Formula

GNTF formula engine oil provides good engine protection. Proven metallo nano-organic anti-wear formula system forms a protective layer on contact surfaces to control wear. Provides continuous protection for all driving conditions and confident.

Reduce high temperature carbon build-up for piston protection leads to improved oil consumption control. Effective corrosion inhibitors protect against rust and corrosion. Special combination of Magnetic and Nano Organic dispersant additives helps control piston that gives ultimate engine protection that provides long engine life and protection against sludge and wear.

Performance Recommend Standard for : gasoline and diesel engines where oils of SAE 5W-40 viscosity grading and up to API SN,SM,CH,CG,SL,GF-5,GF-4 performance are required for fully synthetic.

Exceeds API SN, SM,CH,CG,SL,GF-5.

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